16 March 2015

Monday Musings

Happy Monday to everyone!  Hope your weekend was great.  The snow is melting here and temps are on the rise. Maybe winter is on the way out!  One can hope eh?

Spent much of this past week working on linking and naming images.  Seems as though that is a never ending process.  I use it not just for genealogy but for recipes as well.   Once I type them in to my recipe data base I link the scanned images to the recipes.  Works great!

On the genealogy front,  I'm cleaning up my digital files and image folders.  Somehow, there's always a duplicate or two.  So I'm getting rid of some, recropping some and some just linking.

Going to work on some genealogy this morning.  Have more digital images that I want to take care of.  Its nice not having tons of papers laying all over, but the number of images can at times be overwhelming.  In the long run it will all be worth it when I am done.

The next major project is going thru every photo and making sure they are linked as they should be.  I don't anticipate this taking more  than 2 years or so, working an hour or two every day.  But it will be worth it.  Going to start with all the cemetery & headstone images first.

Oh well,  keeps me out of trouble for the most part, and I know when I'm done it will be an awesome thing.   I'm doing a wee bit of research here and there, mainly figuring out the "unknown's" in my file.  I keep a file of the unknown's with the surnames I am working on.  Basically in the area's where I know our lines are, I come across a headstone or a death certificate or obit and I try to figure them out and add them to my regular file.  Love the challenge of figuring those out.

Maybe the luck of the Irish will be with me today while I work on some of those...  one can only hope eh?

Happy Researching!

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