19 March 2012

Monday Musings

Its been a genealogy kind of weekend.  Its always busy here at the Krugman castle (its what we call it)... with the kids, the dog, the cat, the tax clients, three grandsons, daughter & son in law, Son & partner and a house guest how can it NOT be busy?  But that's okay,  life is good and we are blessed.

Our houseguest is our genealogy friend Michael, who drove up from Dayton to share some goodies he found with me.  A neighbor of his was about to throw away several large boxes of notebooks.  She asked Michael if he would like them.  She was an avid genealogist at some time, as the boxes were full of notebooks.  In the notebooks were pages and pages of family group sheets & obituaries.  She had evidently collected all this stuff over a period of 30-40 years.  Also in one of the boxes Michael brought with him was a photo album full of very old photo's, some of them identified.  A few were the tinytype variety.  I was flabbergasted that she was willing to put these things to the curb. 

So between the tax clients, the grandsons, the son moving out and everything else going on, Michael and I have been going thru some of these notebooks.  I think the greatest find so far was in the photo album.  We found a photo of Jonathan Bolender.  The cool thing is Jonathan is my GGGG Uncle,  the other cool thing is, Michael has had this same photograph in his file forever and  had no idea who it was.  This photo we found was identified as was the photo of his wife, Rebecca Durnbaugh.

So now Michael has the identity of two unknown photo's and I have two new photo's to add to Bolender file.  I've found many things this weekend in those notebooks we've been going thru, but I think finding these two photo's were the best!  

Research weekend with a friend -  very good thing! 

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