16 December 2013

Monday Musings

The past few weeks have just flown by.   I haven't done much genealogy, mostly I've been focused on removing all the papers from my office/desk area.  Going paperless is quite a chore.  I've made great headway and I'm happy to report that I've removed all the papers that are genealogy related.  I've got a few that aren't but those too will disappear in time.

I've scanned all those copies to my flash/thumb drives and I've began the task of transcribing, editing and linking them all to the persons/families in my data base.  Boy what a chore that is going to be!  But I know when its done I'll be thrilled.

I've written here before about my move from PC to Mac.  I still had my PC, mainly as a crutch and partly because I still had a file or two I wanted to get off.  It had been giving me "error" messages about a hard drive failure, which of course I didn't pay a lot of attention to.  Well it did crash.  To the point, AFTER it crashed I figured out that I had two files on there that I had not yet moved.  Luckily my techy son took care of that this weekend while he was here.

NOW, I have both of those files and I'm a happy camper.  I've been tracing the family of auto pioneer Henry Ford for many years, and that data base was one that was on the crashed PC, happily it now resides on my Mac!  Whew!

The shopping is done, the holiday parties are winding down (one more to go!) and now I can focus a bit on just chilling and getting some genealogy stuff done.

How about you?

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