17 December 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - John W. Kreitzer, No Longer Missing!

John W. Kreitzer & his wife, Mildred R. Kreitzer are the featured headstone today.  Work on this couple & their family is a real work in progress.

Several weeks ago Mr. Brown Eyes and I went down to Dayton to visit a good friend who had recently been released from the hospital.  After a nice visit and lunch we headed back to his home.  Having recently moved we decided to do a quick drive thru the cemetery that is located on the street behind his home.  With him being a genealogist as well,  we found it to be a nice drive.

Partially thru the cemetery we came across this stone.  I know who John W. Kreitzer's parents are, I just had no idea what had happened to him.   This headstone is not on Find A Grave so my searches there for him always went no where.

A search of death records on FamilySearch.org gave me full death dates on both, but so far no obits.  So I'll be adding them to my obit search list for Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.  Gee, another research trip for next summer!  Break my heart!

John W. Kreitzer (16 OCT 1907 - 3 FEB 1979) is the son of John D. Kreitzer (1878-1962) and Minnie M. Stauffer (ca 1885 - ?).  Mildred's parents are unknown to me as of this writing, but she was born in 1911 and died 5 JUN 1979.

If you have further information on this couple I'd love to hear from you!


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