06 October 2014

Monday Musings

WOWSERS!  Last week just flew by!  I've got two more days on my series on how to not feel overwhelmed - both in genealogy and in your daily life.  We still have "Make Lists" & "Say NO" to cover. 

Last week was a good one, I got tons of stuff typed and edited and ready to be added to my data base.  I'm working on a number of projects, which is really nothing new.  Its just good to finally see it linked and added to the data base.

The youngest grandson decided to just stand up in the middle of his parents kitchen floor this past Saturday and start walking!  I had just crossed over the border back into the states when the video popped up on my phone.  So excited to watch that!  Soon he'll be up and running with the other grandsons!  They grow up so fast! 

On the way home from our temp location in Burlington, Canada we stopped in a small place to eat. Nothing big, nothing fancy, but the place just stayed busy all the time we were there.  Looking around I stumbled on a chalkboard drawing with some holly on it.  In the middle of all the holly and stuff were the following words - 12 FRIDAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!  


Needless to say I was about blown off my chair.  It can't be.  Not that soon!  Alas I'm afraid tis true. 
   Oh well,  where has the year gone!   I'm back to my typing blogs!   Don't forget to watch for the last two blogs in the  Overwhelmed series!

 Happy Researching!

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